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    Professional maintenance and industrial cleaning products

    Are you a buyer of professional cleaning products and maintenance products? Do you have imminent needs for your business? Are you looking for a company that makes it easy to order online? If so, we have the solution for you. 

    Ralik is your trusted partner located in Blainville. We have most of the maintenance products you need to keep your business running smoothly. Moreover, Ralik is proud to offer its services in the regions of Montreal, Laval, Blainville, Longueuil, Joliette and Gatineau. 

    Blue nitrile gloves without powder

    Choosing the right cleaning products

    To ensure that you choose the right cleaning products for your business, you must first determine your needs. A variety of products are available at Ralik and here are the different categories of products that are available to you: 

    Sanitary products: pads, sponges, containers, carts, pails, buckets, brooms, brushes, microfiber towels;

    Paper products: hand paper, toilet paper, paper dispenser, towels, cloths, paper towels;

    Cleaning products: multi-purpose cleaners, deodorants, detergents, fabric softeners, sanitizers, neutralizers, disinfectants, degreasers;

    Body care products: wet towels, hand soap, sanitizing wipes, disinfecting wipes, gel, lotion, soap, soap dispenser;

    Waste control products: garbage cans, garbage bags, recycling station, ashtray;

    Maintenance equipment: self-scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, extractors, dryers;

    Choosing the right supplier

    In order to choose the right supplier for your business, you need to ask yourself a few questions first. There are several things that may be important to consider in order to meet your needs in terms of professional cleaning products and industrial cleaning. In the following, we will elaborate on the important elements to consider before choosing a cleaning products supplier. 

    Wide variety of quality products

    Essentially, you want quality products and you may be looking for a variety of products. At Ralik we pride ourselves on offering quality products from the best suppliers in the business. We offer several brands to meet the different needs of our customers. 

    Easy to order online

    Thanks to our transactional website, it is very easy to order online. Our platform allows you to order products 24/7. In addition, you can reach a member of the Ralik team in less than 90 seconds by phone. 

    Fast delivery service 

    At Ralik, we are proud to offer a fast delivery service that covers a vast territory. We mainly serve the Montreal, Laval, Blainville, Longueuil, Joliette and Gatineau areas. Offering a large distribution network, we are very accessible for our customers and guarantee a fast delivery. 

    Impeccable customer service

    When choosing a cleaning products distributor, reliability, accessibility and simplicity of service should be considered. With Ralik, you get peace of mind, save time and benefit from our expertise. You have access to detail-oriented employees to ensure the accuracy of your orders, deliveries and billing. In addition, Ralik has chosen to focus on online sales of its products, which greatly speeds up the ordering process. 

    Choose certified green products

    These days, eco-friendly products are very present and topical. At Ralik, we are sensitive to environmental issues and do our best to offer our customers the best options for our planet. That’s why we are proud to offer an entirely green product line. Thanks to our suppliers, we are able to provide you with cleaning products that are environmentally responsible.

    Top cleaning products available at Ralik!

    Having a wide range of products available, it may be a bit dizzying. So, as suppliers of cleaning products, we share with you the top 10 vendors we have. These are also the most sought after products on the market for cleaning needs.

    1. Pharao Powder Free Nitrile Gloves
    2. Tork hand paper dispenser and Tork universal brown hand paper 
    3. Tork Bathroom Tissue 
    4. Black garbage bags
    5. Cleo white antibacterial hand soap
    6. Purgel antiseptic skin gel 
    7. Fastdraw dilution station
    8. Green Earth glass cleaner
    9. Tork cloth
    10. Hertel bathroom disinfectant spray
    Antiseptic skin gel for hands

    Ralik, your supplier of maintenance and cleaning products 

    With Ralik, we are convinced that our company will meet all your criteria for cleaning products. For business owners and procurement managers, Ralik is your trusted partner in the sale and distribution of cleaning products.

    Ralik distinguishes itself by putting the customer experience at the heart of its actions and decisions. Established for nearly 25 years, Ralik is known for its reliability, accessibility and simplicity, which make the company a distributor that offers peace of mind, the ability to save time, and access to undeniable expertise. In addition, Ralik offers a 24/7 transactional platform. You can therefore place your orders at any time.